A collection of health and wellness products curated by Bodhi Nutition

Truth BCAA Pink Lemonade

Olly protein powder vanilla 

Olly protein powder chocolate 

Pantry, Powders + Bars

Orgain Protein Powder Vanilla 

Orgain Protein Powder chocolate 

OWYN Protein Powder chocolate 

OWYN chocolate premade drink

OWYN Elite Protein Drinks

Raw Rev Glo bar chocolate

OWYN chocolate premade drink

Four Sigmatic Protein 

Ripple Protein Drinks

Raw Rev Glo bars cookie dough

Go Macro Bars

Bobs Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats

Chosen Foods avocado cooking spray

Coconut Oil

Kid’s Fruit Strips

Enjoy Life Cookies

Lily's Chocolate chips

Simple Mills Baking Mixes

Paleo Pancake Mix

Miracle Noodles

Spearmint Tea

Dress it Up Dressings

Night night Tea

chia Seeds

CALM sleep gummies 

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Nightime Multimineral (no melatonin)

Renew Life womens probiotic

Supplements & Superfoods

Digestive Bitters

Sambuca Elderberry Gummies

Super Beets powder

Regular Girl Fiber

Electrolyte Powder

Magnesium Citrate

turmeric Capsules

amen Leaky Gut

Cod Liver Oil

Greens Powder


caprylic Acid

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Vital Proteins marine collagen 

Om Mushroom mix

TRUVANI Marine collagen

Ultima Electrolytes


Golden milk + adaptogens

Nuun Sport Electrolytes

type II Collagen

Kids Probiotic

Toddler Vitamins

MCT oil

four sigmatic stress adaptogen mix Balance

Organic matcha powder

Ello containers

Stasher Food Storage Bags

Cooking utensils

Kitchen, Body & Home

Ello Sandwich Bags

Green Pan Mint Julip

Ello Lunch Containers

Mini Waffle Maker

Green Pan Turquoise

Cooking Utensils

Wooden cooking Spoons

Beast Blender

20oz Glass Water Bottle

Matcha Whisk + Bowl

Compact juicer

Handheld frother

Ello water bottle

Mason Jars

Coconut bowls

Avanchy Kid’s Plates

Kid’s Bento Box

Kid’s Smoothie Cups

Happy Light

Kid’s kitchen Tower

Kid’s THINK sports sunscreen

Lululemon Look Alike Sports Bra

Womens Tennis Skirt

Kid’s Toothpaste

Mrs. Meyers Multi Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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