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Hello, I'm Rachel

I'm a Registered Dietitian, Functional Nutritionist. I use an individualized, whole-body approach that leaves clients feeling empowered to nourish their body and attain optimal well-being.

Bodhi Nutrition’s mission is to provide you knowledge and understanding to what your body is trying to tell you, and guide you on your path to restore your metabolic and gut health. For you to become awakened to your body’s unique needs and empowered to make lifelong changes. 

If you’ve been running in circles with no answers, back and forth to doctors who say your labs look normal, on and off diets and exercise routines, spending money on random supplements, and still feel at a loss of how to heal and thrive… 

Bodhi, pronounced “Bo-Dee”.

Bodhi is a Sanskrit word formed from the root word ‘Budh” meaning “to awaken, to know, to understand”. It is most commonly translated as “to awaken or become enlightened” The Bodhi Tree is where the Buddha was said to have sat when he reached enlightenment.  

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Bodhi Nutrition uses functional nutrition to help those struggling with a sluggish metabolism and chronic digestive issues confidently restore metabolism and heal their gut for good. 

Kind words

When it comes to dieting - been there, done that, my whole life without great success or professional guidance tailored to ME. Rachel has sparked an interest in me that has waited a long time to emerge. Eat healthy--you can make it taste really delicious and be nutritious. I have always loved to cook, yes, I am Italian lol. Now I know how to replace the bad with the good all thanks to Rachel. Your guidance has been the best, you have changed me forever. And I am living and loving it. Thank you for being so smart and supportive.
– Angela M

Kind words

That week that I met you, was a life changer. I had found out that I also had type II diabetes and I remember you saying to me at 194lbs and 5'2", I was a heart attack or a stroke waiting to happen. I had always been on the small side, however in the 10 years prior, I blew up and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle (no exercise, ate so unhealthily). From the moment I left your office, I changed everything about my life. It wasn't about going on a diet, but changing the way I live, which is when I started my journey! Believe me, it wasn't easy, but for the first time in my life, it wasn't about the loss of weight that was driving me, it was getting healthy that was the driving force. Finding out I had type II diabetes was very eye opening. I no longer am on high blood pressure or reflux meds. It's amazing how inflammation I had went away! I don't even know how to live any other way than how I live now. I’ve lost 80lbs, turning 59 this year and this is the best shape (health wise) that I have ever been in.
- Stacy 

Kind words

I started seeing Rachel after 2 kids and a lot of self-neglect to my health and my body. After just our first meeting I felt comfortable and excited to work with her. Rachel is very thorough in her plans and what I found even more important was how understanding she was. She fully understands that everyone has different diet needs as well as diet constraints. She is understanding that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and is easily able to reign you back to your goals. After just a few weeks, not only did I notice changes in my body but also in my general health and how I felt on a daily basis. Before long, friends and family started to notice too and that's when it really hit me. I was working hard to make changes and they were paying off. I never felt deprived or hungry with my nutrition. At the same time, I was able to build in "treat" meals for special occasions or time out with friends and family. I've had a few surgeries over the years and Rachel has been able to coach me through those as well and help me fuel my body for a better recovery. I honestly feel that I couldn't have made these changes without Rachel. She gave me the knowledge to control my nutrition and to fuel my body with what it needed. Thank you Rachel! xoxo - Erica M.

Kind words

Rachel helped me to make more conscientious choices about my diet and be able to holistically evaluate what I was eating on a day to day basis. I gained valuable knowledge about the fundamentals of nutrition such as healthy portions sizes and good sources of protein. I also felt immensely better both mentally and physically after making lifestyle adjustments that Rachel oversaw. 
-Olivia B

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