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Are you reeady to make a change?

I poured my most helpful protocols, tips and recipes into these mini guides to set you up for success! I highly recommend reading these before setting up a 1:1 session, but they can also be used as a tool on your own. 

Check them out...


“Get your little ones off to the best start by building the health of their belly and providing a stable nutrition foundation for their future” 

Most important foods to include for a healthy kids microbiome  

12 nourishing gut-health building meal and snack ideas (that kids will actually eat) 

Clearing up the ever-confusing dairy conversation 

5 Top ingredients to avoid (and better alternatives) 

How to talk to young kids about sweets, nutrition, and their bodies to instill lifelong positive relationships with food

Detailed 3 Step Protocol to healing your gut

Information on 3 Suggested functional nutrition lab tests 

Digestive health supplement information 

Specific food suggestions for each phase

12+ Recipes for gut health


Detailed 3 Step Protocol to restoring your metabolism

Calculations for figuring your individual calorie + macronutrient needs

Discusses minerals, hormones, and carbs timing for blood sugar balance 

2 page guided worksheet for restoring your metabolism 

Metabolic markers checklist

3 Muscle building shake recipes

12 metabolic meal and snack ideas


10 smoothie recipes

All smoothie recipes keep digestive wellness and blood sugar balance in mind

3- Anti-Inflammatory

4 - Gut Health

3 - Muscle Building


80 recipes that will fuel your metabolism & keep your gut happy! 
Includes meals, snacks, lattes, shakes and mocktails. 


Kind words

Within 3 months of working with Rachel my bloating completely disappeared and I’m getting compliments from everyone on how good I look. We ran a stool test which was so worth it as it showed us exactly what I needed to work on for my gut. I thought I was eating healthy before, but Rachel really opened my eyes to how little I was eating and how I needed to eat more to see results from my workouts. I feel strong, toned and healthy and am so thankful for all of your help!
- Sophie M

Kind words

I came to Rachel to focus on weight loss. I have 3 kids and thought being tired was just part of life as a mom. Rachel was so thorough, she asked about my sleep, libido, and even my daily routine. She suggested we do some testing and through these we discovered I had some nutrient deficiencies and cortisol issues. We worked on diet and also changing up some lifestyle habits, along with new supplements. After just a few weeks I started to notice my workouts were better and I felt less fatigued in the morning. 6 months later my stomach is flatter, my moods are greatly improved, and I just feel so good! I’ve sent friends and family to Rachel and everyone has been so pleased. Highly, highly recommend. She listens and develops a plan specific to you and tweaks it as you go. 
- Marissa S

Kind words

I was thinking of bariatric surgery but knowing I needed to lose weight first I decided to see a dietitian. 1 ½ years later I’m 150lbs down and still going. I’ve put bariatric surgery on the back burner! Rachel was so welcoming and personable in the first session she eased my anxieties and made me feel seen. She has been a constant source of guidance and support on my journey. In addition to my weight loss my gas and reflux are gone. The best part about this is I’ve never felt like I’m on a “diet”. I never feel hungry, in fact, it’s a lot of food to eat! Thank you, Rachel, for your continued help!
- Cher T 

Kind words

I decided I wanted to be healthy and realized I had no idea how to. I always had a very unhealthy relationship with food and dieting. Thought I had to deprive myself in order to lose weight. I had been on a lot of the fad diets but never learned how to eat for nutrition and health. My life changed after my very first visit. With Rachel’s guidance I have made changes in my life that have been sustainable and at 54 I am in the best shape of my life 
- Christine M

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