Do you        like your body is working against you? 


Every one of us is unique. We have our individual make up and genetics, and our own story on how we arrived at the present moment. I will take the time to learn about you, everything from your birth story to your current food likes and dislikes. No stone is left unturned. We’ll collect functional nutrition labs where necessary to get a comprehensive view into your body. With a thorough understanding of who you are and what you need, we will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan to get you to the healthy, vibrant person you want to be. 

I struggled with digestive issues from a very young age, as far back as I can remember. 

In college, I studied nutrition and exercise kinesiology and went on to post grad where I earned my Registered Dietitian credentials. My first job was at a WIC where I counseled pregnant and postpartum moms on nutrition for themselves and their little ones. Then in 2011 I opened my private practice in Princeton, NJ. 
In my late twenties into my thirties I had a cluster of various life stressors that took a toll on my body, one of them being the premature birth of my daughter. My gut and metabolic health hit rock bottom. Traditional doctors ran tests that showed everything as normal and offered little answers. 

I took matters into my own hands. I knew I was not alone; out of the thousands of client’s I’d counseled, a consistent similarity among them was their frustration with damaged metabolic and gut health. I knew I wanted to be able to help them even further.  


Inspired, I pursued continued studies and advanced training in functional nutrition specific to GI health and inflammation. I was able to take back my own health and elevate my private practice offerings to help my clients on a deeper level.  
Truly passionate about nutrition and the way it can change lives, I am so very fortunate to be able to help others who are struggling to find the answers.  

If you feel lost and confused on how to heal, take a deep breath, you’ve come to the right place. 

I am so happy you’re here, let’s find your Bodhi

Do you feel like no matter what you eat you have                ?

GI issues

I get it. I've been there.

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Registered Dietitian
Functional Nutritionist
Board Certified in Sports Dietetics
& a Certified Leap Therapist
Specializing in Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Health 
10 years in private practice


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I have struggled with weight my entire life; not until I met Rachel did I truly understand the meaning of mindful eating. I have learned so much from her throughout the years, and her guidance has been crucial for my success. Her guidance goes beyond creating a diet or giving you macros, she guides you to make better choices and understands what works for your body and what does not. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with all that I’ve learned.  - Marjory O


Kind words

I should’ve gone to Rachel a long time ago for my stomach issues. Within two weeks of following the guidelines she suggested, I am no longer having stomach issues that I was having before. She also gave me manageable tasks I could do to not be overwhelmed with trying to become a healthier version of myself. Thank you Rachel!!
– Colleen A


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Rachel is great!!! She helped me tweak my diet enough to FINALLY lose a few pounds!! She is very knowledgeable and sensitive to my personal preferences! I can't thank you enough, Rachel! 
– Amy H


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Rachel is a diamond in a very crowded field of nutritionists. Her approach is personal. She passes her wealth of knowledge kindly so that I can take control of my health. She is focusing on teaching me about the great foods I should eat rather than what I should not eat in order to fight breast cancer, insulin resistance and heart disease. With Rachel food has become my medicine and a source of service to my body and that makes me very happy. 
– Shari C


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